Specialists in the manufacture and application of solenoids...

Our compact and efficient company, continues to provide reliable solenoid and electromagnetic solutions, with a flexibility that maintains short lead times for small to volume orders.

We offer an extensive solenoid range that includes Linear Open frame, DC Latching, Tubular, Shotbolt, Industrial, Electro-holding Magnets and Customised Solenoids to fit a wide variety of applications.

Solenoid Manufacturers

Over 50 years of expertise and experience in the solenoid field combine effectively to provide a dependable proven service that is arguably unrivalled.

Benson products are exported worldwide and amongst our customers portfolio are a number of multinational companies, which reinforces the competitive name the company has in this industry.

Customers choose Bensons for:

  • - Performance
  • - Reliability in the field
  • - Short lead times
  • - Customised designs
  • - 24/48 hour samples
  • Equivalents to other UK manufacturers