Latching solenoids are a combination of an electromagnetic solenoid and permanent magnets.
An electrical pulse is applied to the solenoid coil causing it to close.  Once the pulse has finished the permanent magnets continue to hold the plunger in the closed position. To release the plunger, a low current pulse of opposite polarity is supplied to the solenoid coil.  A return force is required for this operation, and the fitting of a return spring can assist with this opening.  The ability to hold in the closed position without the use of power makes the latching solenoid ideal for applications requiring low power consumption or battery operation.

  • Common DC voltage 12V & 24V
  • Other DC voltages available on request.
  • Leads fitted 200mm as standard – desired length can be cut on request.
  • Fixing arrangement, plunger coupling and thrust rods can all be customised.

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Latching Solenoids -
General Operating Principle
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Length 36mm x Width 10mm x Height 12.6mm
Stroke - 9mm max
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Length 45mm x Width 25.4mm x Height 31.8mm
Stroke - 10mm max

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Length 66.8mm x Width 41.3mm x Height 48.8mm
Stroke - 25mm max
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